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Water Treatment Products in Fairfax Station, Virginia

Bell Pump & Well Inc. in Fairfax Station, Virginia, proudly offers water treatment services to communities throughout Northern Virginia. Amidst our water system services, is providing new well system installations and water filtration to keep you water flowing clean and clear.

Clean & Clear Water

By using our well water system/services we do everything we can to not only keep your water running clear, but also to keep your water sanitized and drinkable. Get the water system services you need, including:

• Well Water Conditioning/Filtration
• Free Water Analysis
  (ph, iron, hardness)
• Well Repairs & Well Chlorination
• Water Testing
• Well Finder Equipment
• Installations & Repairs (new & old)
• Submersible or Jet Pumps/Tanks
• Constant Pressure Systems
• Old Well Abandonment
EMERGENCY Weekend Service Available

Water Testing Services
We can test your well water for a variety of things, including bacteria, lead, nitrates, fluoride and radon. We have equipment to address any of your water needs, to not only provide clean clear water, but we can also install a Ultra Violet (UV) System that would ensure your water is always safe.


Well/System Inspections
Our Well/System Inspections check list includes:

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• Checking well casing for proper structure & integrity • Tank draw down test
• Well Pump amperage resistance test • Water Analysis — ph, iron, hardness

We provide our customers with a copy of our Well Inspection Report after inspection is made, and if applicable, we list any recommendations or proposals for any necessary repairs.

Contact us today, in Fairfax Station, Virginia, to request an installation of 1 of our water treatment products.