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Well Chlorination Pump Off Instructions in Fairfax Station, Virginia

CHLORINE PUMP OFF INSTRUCTIONS (after a well has been chlorinated)
After your well has been chlorinated, and the chlorine has been left to set in well and plumbing system for 24 hours, you may begin the chlorine elimination process. Start by running an outside hose, directing the hose away from septic and well areas, and run for 10-15 minutes out of a 60 minute period (aka – “pump off”). (NO Faucets should be run inside until all chlorine has been eliminated from the well via an outside hose). REPEAT this pump off process as many times as it takes until you do not smell or taste chlorine anymore. IT can take several days, with several pump offs to eliminate the chlorine totally and the sediment that may break loose; depending how often you are able to do them, and how muddy your well is (some wells have more sediment than others). DO NOT OVERPUMP your well by leaving a hose to run, as this could temporarily pump the well dry and possibly damage your pump (it is helpful to set a timer to be a reminder).
Once you can no longer smell or taste the chlorine from the outside hose and the water looks fairly clear, you will need to take turns running each spigot inside for a minute or two each (hot and cold), and flush all toilets to do a final clearing of all of your plumbing lines. Clear each faucet one at a time, starting with the ones that have no screens, i.e. bathtub nozzles, laundry sink faucets that have no screens, & any other outdoor hose bibs. SAVE running the shower heads, and running an empty wash load for the last of the inside clearing process, as these screens are harder to get to if it becomes necessary to clear them of any grit.
*PLEASE NOTE: If this house is occupied during the 24 hour chlorine holding period, and until the chlorine has been pumped off, it is advisable that you stick to one toilet in the household for minimal toilet flushing to try to avoid grit being drawn into any other toilets in the home.
*DO NOT DRINK OR BATHE in the water until the chlorine has been pumped off.
*Make sure ALL chlorine has been cleared before doing any laundry so that you do not bleach colored clothes, or stain white clothes from the mud and sediment that can sometimes break loose during this process.
*If you have any water filtration equipment, which is normally by-passed at the time of your initial well chlorination, you will need to un-by-pass them AFTER you are fairly sure the chlorine has been eliminated, to put them back in service. (The reason for by-passing any existing filtration equipment for this procedure is to prevent them from getting stopped up as the chlorine begins to clean the well and pipes of any sediment that may have accumulated) Following these instructions can help avoid problems such as clogged screens, valves, and filters ~ especially for wells that do have a lot of sediment, and may avoid having to call a plumber in if this does become a problem.